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At The Blueprint Creations, we focus on service delivery and customer satisfaction in the provision of high-quality outsourced architecture, writing, and academic development services for firms, organizations, and individuals.

We have revolutionized and re-imagined service delivery in freelancing. We are a multi-disciplinary agency that strives for excellence in the production of highly creative content, bespoke design services, and innovative learning products.
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Virtual team.

We major in architectural and design products, ranging from design and planning to 2D and 3D designs, visualizations, and rendering. We also offer writing and editing services to writers, website owners, content creators, organizations, and private individuals. We offer educational resources to students in these fields.

We partner with you behind the curtains, seamlessly integrating our services into your work flow to help your brand meet set goals and objectives.
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Design Services

At Excellence by THE BLUEPRINT Creations, we specialize in creating innovative and functional architectural designs for a wide range of projects. Our team of experienced architects and designers work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a customized plan that meets your specific requirements.

We use the latest technology and industry-leading design practices to ensure that your project is not only visually stunning, but also energy-efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and one that optimizes user comfort for high productivity. More details here
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writing sercives

Our team of professional writers and editors are dedicated to helping you communicate your message clearly and effectively. Whether you need help with technical writing, copy-editing, or content creation. We have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality, error-free content that meets your requirements through translation and transcription services.
Being a design agency, we ensure that every line produced is beautifully presented in different formats and medium needed for its target audience. Simply fill a service request form to continue
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Our academic packages are targeted at growth and development. We offer a variety of educational resources to help you succeed in your field, ranging from Child development consultancy, Curriculum support and development, Behavioral management for special needs students to online ESL courses, video lessons and course materials. All designed to provide schools, parents and students with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize growth and development. We offer expert-tailored consultant services (available to members) and a variety of learning packages you can choose from.
online English teacher based in Morocco and Nigeria


Welcome to, our revolutionary affordable housing solution for low and average income earners, where accessibility, sustainability and minimalism embrace .
Are you tired of watching your dreams of owning a home slip through your fingers like sand? Yearning for a place to call your own without breaking the bank? Look no further, we've cracked the code to affordable housing with a twist of eco-friendliness!
Set to turn the traditional housing market on its head, we've shrunk the size but amplified the possibilities, making land accessible and affordable in small yet mighty portions. But that's not all! We've teamed up with Nature to bring you sustainable materials that'll make your new home an environmental superstar.
Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing your hard-earned savings on oversized mortgages and hello to a world where minimalism meets sustainability, where dreams of homeownership come true without breaking the Earth or your budget.

Get ready as we prepare to take you on this extraordinary journey towards affordable housing for all! Welcome to a new era of qualitative living. Are you ready to step onto the stage? 

Do you want to know more? If yes,
Watch this space! or talk to us.
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Our commitment to excellent service delivery which is evident in our iterative work process that facilitates High-quality deliveries of ingeniously curated solutions and are delivered on or before schedule.

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How we Work
optimizing partnership for productivity through freelance.

we ask 'why?'

We always remember why we do this; what motivates us. This is what unites our team regardless of disciplines.
1. Our deep passion for creativity.
2. Our commitment to enlightenment.
3. Our desire for personal development.
Answering these questions helps us prioritize our goals and deliverables with every project. Thus focusing more on value than on money.
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We collaborate with other highly experienced professionals and industry experts in our strife for excellence and high-quality delivery. Each task, whether design, writing or teaching is always a 2-way engagement opportunity which helps us learn new thing from each client who are experts in their niches.
we integrate systems


We constantly update our industry relevance and awareness with regular up-skill courses and constant research. Our iterative work process which relies on clients' feedback also contributes to our expert knowledge of different industries. We creatively incorporate these skills and experience into our processes using technology, innovation and resource allocation for the best desired outcomes.
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Always on time with deliveries

Their brand is big on punctuality and timeliness. They delivered my job exactly as promised.

Great customer service.

A truly exceptional service. You'd think it's just hype until you do business with them. Pure class, I recommend.

Innovative and futuristic team.

A team of young and bright, future thinking professionals. Don't be deceived by their modesty, they are excellent in every way.
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Welcome to our blog!

At Excellence by THE BLUEPRINT Creations, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise on Architecture, Design, Copy writing and Editing, as well as Teaching.

Our aim for the blog is not only to chun out articles but to build a sustainable community that collectively desires growth and development. We hope that our blog becomes an equally valuable resource either for anyone interested in our fields of expertise and scope of services, or for anyone interested in self expression, productive conversations and inspirational content.

As we grow, we plan to change the world, One line at a time. With easy-to read, well written content that inspires creativity and learning in our readers, clients and visitors. Whether you are a professional in the industry, a student, or a private individual, our blog is designed to provide valuable information and insights that will help you to improve your skills and achieve your goals.

You are welcome.
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In conclusion, the article highlights the importance of understanding the nuances of chivalry in modern times. It argues that while society's perception of chivalry has changed, the act of showing kindness and compassion should not be lost in the pursuit of being politically correct. The article encourages readers to act with empathy and understanding, rather than fear of criticism.
Lagos city. Description of an urban city
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