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All Hail the Lagos City

March 21, 2023

Lagos, our favorite Naija city. Its streets, from Bode Thomas to Allen, Kofo Abayomi to Ozumba, tell its story. Whether it's Toyin Street or Gerald Drive, the names describe its diversity. 

Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue at night. Source: property pro.

Eko is for show. 

The city that never sleeps. One that tames the sea and dominates its neighbors in a subtle sprawl that intimidates the Landlords. Home of the brave, abode to the smart, the never unguarded, and the never unaware. 

Stay woke because this city ‘nor dey take nonsense’, it will never spoil. Shine your eyes, or you will miss it, the defining moment of your destiny. The city of strong men, men who had dreams, believed in themselves, and worked hard.

Eko-Ile, the lagoon city, the impartial home of beauty and squalor, the personification of “classy but razz”. Whether there is fight or there is no fight, you are always guiding. An urban vibe characterized by a symphonic rhythm that blends in symbiotic harmony, its hustle, and its flex. The slum holds a promise, its highbrow foretells a blight. The home of the yellow van, Danfo, the leveler of classes, never discriminates. 

Danfo never cares who you are, what you do, or where you are from, its only promise is its destination.

Danfo Bus on the streets of Lagos. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Oh! Danfo tells a story, a story of diligence, relentlessness, sacrifice, pain, and persistence. It feels your perseverance and understands your tears. It relates to your journey, the ups and downs as you maneuver the portholes. And like a Lagosian, Danfo hates the roads, it detests the traffic even more. But even though beaten up, rickety, and used up each day, it is ready to go again the next. 

Danfo knows and hears it all but only never tells, the city’s secrets. The hypocrisy; the Stockholm syndrome, and the untold tales from Bourdilon to Badagry. The superiority contest between the Mainland and the Island. It only wonders what is so intriguing about the filth. Anywhere you are, it smells the same.

A city so simple, yet complex, with people so diverse, yet very connected.  Whoever you are, this city nor be your mate, never call its Elderly old, nor its youth young. Other cities have a name, but this one has two. One city in its own league, Lagos they call it, Eko we call it. 

What is in a name? 

Well, this name is both an identity and a trademark. Lagos is more than a location, it is Home and we are proud to call it ours.

Lagos City; the Duality of a Mega City

Take a ride with us as we discover the secrets and untold tales of Lagos, the true duality of a Mega city. Join us on this journey and discover why Lagos is truly one city in its own league.
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We describe lagos for the JJC, 'John Just Came'. We compared the dynamic and diverse lifestyle that is characteristic of Lagos, Nigeria. It describes the city as one that never sleeps, and full of determined people. The city is known for its unique culture, blending the beautiful and the gritty. We conclude by emphasizing that Lagos is more than just a location, it is a way of life that its inhabitants are proud of.
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