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March 21, 2023

Let’s do a bit of imaginative exploration. Say a 600sq.m land in Lekki, Lagos costs N60m and there is a possibility for you to buy as little as 10,15 or 20sq.m, meaning that, instead of looking for N60m for the full plot or N30m for the half (as is mostly the case for many land owners), all you need is just N100k x 20sq.m, meaning that with N2m you become a Lekki Landlord. How sweet!

Now, this is not even the interesting part, let’s summarize the details, it will be a long read, but it will be worth your while. Considering the scepticism around this topic, especially with the recent buzz about affordable housing, it is imperative that we share more insights on this affordable housing product.

We’re introducing a revolutionary solution that will upturn the traditional housing market on its head. With reduced size but amplified possibilities, this model thrives at the intersection of sustainability and minimalism, by first making land accessible and affordable in small portions.

Why Land?

Batcher homes built with reused wood wrapped with nylon and trampoline
Source: property centre.

Inspired by researching Pako house (slum houses built from cheap/recycled construction wood) development, which have become so popular in urban cities that, according to the World Bank, 50% of urban population is said to live in slums. What this means in “housing deficit” terms is that 2 out of every 4 people you meet in a city like Lagos live in a shanty. With over 300k people living in Makoko alone, on stilted homes above a fetid lagoon, in deplorable conditions and at the mercy of the next “Developer” who throws them out to make way for his project, Pako houses seems to hold the key to affordability. I mean, the problem is not that there are no houses, the problem is that people can't afford them. We need better alternatives.

Makoko, "The Venice of Slums"
Source: Google

Especially if according to URBANET, 500k people move to Lagos yearly, resulting in a 20% increase in annual housing demand, that is, 700k extra homes needed every year, it means that people must find a way, in fact, any way whatsoever to provide or augment shelter. This is why there is a constant rise and popularity of batchers in every corner of the city. People no longer care the government would come demolishing these homes anymore.

By studying this trend, we have realised that construction isn’t the problem as man will readily adapt to his reality, not minding to use whatever affordable and accessible construction method in meeting this need.

We also studied private home development in less populated towns and villages, and we observed that in many occasions, people seek housing loans which is mostly spent on land leaving them with a little with which they build a room or 1 bedroom flat. These project are often uncompleted for years but deemed comfortable enough for the owners with the incentive of not paying rent.

A partially completed home
Source: propertynownow

What we have gathered from these studies is that Land ownership is the heart of home ownership, the burden of shelter or accommodation eases when people have land. When people have land,  they become resourceful in construction. “If people have titles to their land, then residents will feel secure enough to build good quality housing" Dr Muyiwa Agunbiade, Urban planner

Back to our product.

We help low/medium income earners access affordable, highly efficient qualitative living with unparalleled cost effectiveness.

So first, we make land ownership pocket friendly by making small-sized land accessible and affordable to individuals who seek to own just enough (or more) to provide a homely abode.  


We team up with you to design and build a qualitative home regardless of your land size, incorporating sustainability, efficiency and flexibility to achieve affordable construction. We help you build using materials such as wood and aluminum for example, in a tasteful blend that will make your new home an environmental superstar. Believe, possibilities are endless.

credit: RUUM

But that's not all! Due to its flexibility, Petit Haus allows for a wide range of customer-centric alternatives in appearance, planning, method of construction, safety, energy efficiency and interior furnishing. It is also not difficult to add new elements  to the existing structure, if necessary in the future.

Now, back to the interesting part, remember our imagined scenario?

Typical Case-Use Prototype

So let’s be modest and say in Lekki, Lagos, you could own 20sq.m land that is just enough to give you a decent home as above, with N2-5m ($3000 -7500) as appropriate for your income level. And you could take it further by building a decent studio apartment between N3m and N10m (or $4000-$15000) based on your taste and furnishing style using a technology that eliminates sandfilling, eliminates expensive foundation, eliminates or minimizes concrete, allows multi-functionality of your space and offers self-sufficient energy efficiency. Meaning that between N5m to N15m, you could become a Mega-city home owner, living your best life, would you be interested?

Welcome to a new era of qualitative living, where sustainability and affordability dance hand in hand. Are you ready to step onto the stage? Watch this space!

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